I don’t usually write to vendors however, I just have to in this case as your company has made me look so good in no time at all. I so appreciate your helping us with our options trading promotions. You got us on page 1 Google in no time and the traffic has been something I have never experienced! I would never have dreamed this kind of traffic was even possible. We have also exceeded our record for monthly sign-ups since inception and we just got started. Thank you… what a success!

Steve Conners

Intl. Options Trading Company

We build custom homes on estate size lots in southern California. Traditional method of advertising for us has always been the newspaper. We have just discovered the new and very improved way to advertise our homes. The Infused Algorithm Marketing far exceeds anything we have ever accomplished with newspaper ads. It is more economical however, the main issue - it absolutely works! We have never seen so much traffic to our website thus actual foot traffic in our models. We received nine offers in the first week of your promotion. We will NEVER go back to conventional advertising!

Brad Stevens

San Diego Holding

We wanted to promote a certain wine to test the Algorithm. We created a promotional page on our website just for this promotion with some direction from your company. The Infused Algorithm Marketing was then implemented. We had to hold onto our hats, the traffic was phenomenal and the sales was pretty much non-stop. We sold out of the wine...now I'm thinking just maybe we didn't have enough! We are such a fan and we reached page 1 placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Customer Forever!

Marti Thompson

Wine Enthusiasts

We wanted to promote the research and education of the use of stem cell therapy for certain ailments. The real traffic our site experienced was absolutely great, it was everything Algorithm Universe said it would be. We received lots of inquiries and questions from potential patients from all over the world. Our business increased and we found ourselves on Google page 1. We had used many other services in the past trying to get on page 1 but it never happened. Algorithm Universe did it in 30 days! Algorithm Universe is a great company with real results!

Dr. Zanns

Stem Cell Therapy

Our work with Algorithm Universe has resulted in unparalleled success which has had a great effect on our bottom line. Our social media campaigns and marketing materials were all designed to work together and everything worked perfectly. The organic traffic is phenomenal! We have used other companies, however no one has ever come close to what your company has done for us. Also, we appreciate the monthly report of our standing and the traffic. Everyone is energetic and responsive to our goals and needs. I couldn’t ask for more, thank you so much!

Katherine Fell

Marketing Manager

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